Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Look at the wonderfully awesome cards that I made ~ these are card kits made by Shannon & sent to me with my Stampin Up club order. I adore how they turned out ~ I did change a few things just slightly thou. First off, the Lattice Card was originally a square card ~ but alas, my major character flaws & lack of square envelopes required that I change it to a regular sized card... Of course by doing this I had to change the layout just a smidge... putting the ribbon in the middle instead of the top... & I never put anything on the inside of the card (if at all possible) so I trimmed the edges of the ribbon instead of wrapping it around... One thing that Shannon's card had that I just had to have was stitching ~ unfortunately due to space issues ~ I can't have my sewing machine out ~ so I did some faux stitching ~ didn't think it would turn out ~ but it actually looks really good...
Next is the precious relaxed kitty card (sorry I don't now what it's really called ~ apparently my little cat loving assistant made off with the directions....) ~ my little assistant helped a huge amount on this card ~ she ripped the edges, glued down the layers (with a bit of help) & even picked out the color of the kitty & colored it as well. The original kitty was grey ~ but my assistant wanted an orange kitty ~ so there ya go! We used the SU Watercolor Crayons ~ which haven't been used much since I got my Copics last summer ~ & I realized how much I miss using them... plus they are so easy even my 8 year old assistant can use them with ease... I might look into getting her some used ones for her to 'play' with...

Thanks for coming by today!
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